Site and Habitat Conservation

The activities aimed at site conservation are based on the Important Bird Areas Program – a global initiative of BirdLife International. Land and sea IBAs are areas of crucial importance for the conservation of the global diversity of birds. The criteria for their selection are based on data about the numbers and tendencies of bird populations. Up to the present moment 114 important bird areas with a total area of 26 021 sq km (10 046 sq mi.) were identified in Bulgaria.


The IBAs are not enclosed territories but sites where humans and wildlife coexist. The conservation of habitats and birds in the IBAs depends on the land use, the management scheme for the particular IBA, as well as on whether particular measures are taken for the conservation of the site in the case of a threat. In Bulgaria the IBAs form the basis for the protection areas within the NATURA 2000 network.


For birds ‘home’ does not consist of one particular spot: rather, it is a complex of habitats, a variable combination of resources and conditions which provides them with food, shelter and sites for breeding and resting during migration. In Bulgaria – as well as in the whole of Europe, – the main threat for wild birds is the fragmentation, deterioration and loss of habitats, all caused by the human use of the land, the fresh-water ecosystems and the seas.


In order to guarantee the conservation of habitats, important for wild birds and for biodiversity in general, the BSPB works in cooperation with the interested parties and the decision makers aiming at adapting the national policies to the needs of birds and the environment; we lobby for changes in the Rural Development Programme; we popularize and promote the implementation of the appropriate agro-ecological, aquatic ecological and forest ecological measures.