Important Bird Areas

The identification of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) is a global initiative of BirdLife International, aimed at identifying and protecting a network of sites of key importance for birds across the globe. The objective of the IBAs is to encourage the conservation of birds.


The protection of the IBAs is of key importance not only for wild birds and their habitats but for maintaining the ecological balance too. The role such areas play in keeping the balance of the ecological processes such as climate formation and substance circulation, is given an ever-increasing significance with the transition to a more sustainable use of natural resources. Besides the long-term benefits these areas would bring if their conservation of biodiversity there is effective, they have many other functions which are beneficial for the public (including for the education and formation of the young generation, as well as for science).


IBAs play an important role for the long-term viability of the naturally occurring populations of wild birds in the areas of the particular species (for species for which the area-based approach is relevant). The network must be regarded as the minimum essential to ensure the survival of the species in their entire range of distribution regardless of the general disappearance of the rest of their habitats in other areas due to human actions or other changes.

The BSPB works on the IBAs Program since the foundation of the organization.


In 2005 there were 114 IBAs in Bulgaria, covering about 23% of the territory of the country.


The book Important Bird Areas in Bulgaria and NATURA 2000 in Bulgarian  can be downloaded here.

You can also see photographs of all IBAs in Bulgaria.