Why do we educate people about conservation? Because we wish to preserve the natural heritage of Bulgaria. We want to make sure that the eagles and falcons, the geese and pelicans, the bears and chamois, the old forests and the pastures survive for the future generations too. Without them nature would not be the same. We fight for the survival of all living creatures in our world because we believe a preserved nature means a better environment for mankind too.


Many people and organizations across the globe share the same ideas. Together they are a part of the concept of sustainable development which is supported by many governments too. Without education, however, nature conservation would be a short-term activity, an initiative and idea supported by one generation only, and it would pass away together with the people who propagated it. Without the effort to form the conservationist’s way of thinking, conscience and system of values among children, conservation remains an unsustainable enterprise. We need to work with children – the decision makers of tomorrow – today so that they can learn to love and protect what we ourselves love – because people will protect what they love, and they will love what they know.


Our digital guides for the teacher-naturalist The Lords of the Skies, At School and in Nature with Miss Red-breasted Goose and Life for the Burgas Lakes will help school teachers from across the country make the learning process more interesting for their students by revealing exciting facts about the beauty of Bulgaria’s amazing nature. The guides include an information section and a collection of entertaining educational games and problems, conformable to the official curriculum and designed both for work in class as well as as open air activities. The content of the problems in the guides includes material from several disciplines of the official curriculum: Man and Nature, Man and Society, Bulgarian Language, Mathematics, Arts, Technical Skills and Information Technologies. The content of the guides is adapted for students from 1st to 8th grade.