What can you do?

The conservation of our beautiful nature, the sustainable use of natural resources and our healthy way of life all depend on the decisions we make in our every-day life. We would like to share some ideas which we consider important as they contribute to preserving nature and to nature conservation in general.


So if you want to help…


  • Actively support nature conservation organizations in their efforts to preserve biodiversity together with the healthy environment and the livelihood of people.


  • Take the time to learn about the NGO sector in detail – sadly, not all organizations with eco, bio and conservation in their names actually work for the cause.


  • Become a messenger of pro-ecological thinking in your social circle and defend the causes of biodiversity, the right of existence for all living things, as well as mankind’s right of a clean, healthy environment.


  • Be active and keep yourself well-informed – do not underestimate the power of the civil society.


  • Do not ignore poachers: they are thieves who rob you of your nature – you and the future generations.


  • Travel! Get to know the unique nature of Bulgaria and all the rare species which bring credit to us before the world.


  • Support local producers, especially those who offer ecologically clean production.


  • Become a member and a volunteer in the NGO sector and find the best way to contribute to the idea which we all fight for with your skills and knowledge.


  • Do not forget that every human action has consequences!


  • If you can afford it, donate for educational and direct conservation activities such as working with children in local communities, nest guarding for Egyptian Vultures, supplementary feeding etc.


  • Support ecological agriculture and extensive grazing livestock breeding – besides providing high quality, healthy produce for us as consumers and a livelihood for the local communities, they are highly beneficial for wildlife too (in comparison with monoculture agriculture for example).


  • Make a recycled birdfeeder from a used plastic bottle and put it up in the park, near your apartment block or in your garden – thus you will help many small birds to survive the winter while also getting the opportunity to enjoy wildlife from really close up.


  • Reduce your use or – even better – stop using plastic bags.


  • Educate your kids not to waste natural resources – food, water and electricity, and why that is good.


  • Watch less TV, do more sports and go for walks in the park, or in the mountain – nature is the best psychologist and an abundant source of inspiration.


  • Separate your garbage.


  • Remember that plants are living creatures too!


  • Overcome your prejudices – some of the most unpopular animals (vultures and snakes for example) have an amazing nature and play important roles for keeping the balance of the ecosystems.


Love and protect nature!