The Common Birds Monitoring

The Common Birds Monitoring (CBM) is a periodical census of common bird species combined with a monitoring of the tendencies in their populations. The data gathered is used as a...See more

Midwinter Waterfowl Census

The Midwinter Waterfowl Census has been conducted in almost all European states since 1967 under the coordination of Wetlands International . The census is aimed at determining the numbers of the...See more

Satellite and video monitoring

Satellite tracking is among the most state-of-the-art methods for conservation of endangered species of birds such as the Imperial Eagle, the Egyptian Vulture and the Red-breasted...See more

Monitoring of Griffon Vultures

The survey of the Griffon Vulture population in Bulgaria has been conducted since 1988. It focuses on the following goals: Establishing the number of individual birds ...See more

Pygmy Cormorant count in Plovdiv

The Pygmy Cormorant is a medium-sized colonial fish-eating bird. In Bulgaria there are nesting, migrant, wandering and wintering individuals of the species . There is a high probability...See more

Monitoring of Long-eared Owl

The Long-eared Owl is among the most graceful and slender Bulgarian owls. It has a body length of 31-37 cm (1.1 ft.), a wingspan of 86-98 cm (3 ft.) and weighs between 250 and 330 grams. The owl...See more