The Common Birds Monitoring

The Common Birds Monitoring (CBM) is a periodical census of common bird species combined with a monitoring of the tendencies in their populations. The data gathered is used as a biodiversity indicator; it facilitates the evaluation of the level of sustainability of the policies for land management in Bulgaria. Measures for management of the environment are taken based on the results of the monitoring; they benefit not only birds but all animals and humans too. Thus by protecting the environment of birds we protect the environment in which we ourselves live too.


The census of birds around us is an initiative that has been carried out across Europe. It takes place every spring and is entirely volunteer-based. In Bulgaria the monitoring was launched in 2004. Every year the number of survey plots and the volunteers involved in the Common Bird Monitoring Scheme increases.


Why are birds a relevant indicator for the state of biodiversity?


  • They are found everywhere.
  • They are sensitive to changes in their preferred environment.
  • They respond to changes in the state of plants and other animals.
  • A substantial amount of data about birds has already been gathered and future data collection seems logical and consistent.
  • They are popular with the general public.


Would you like to take part in the census of the birds around us?


Visit the CBM web site


The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds was commissioned with the present project by the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food.