420 Children ran a mile to support the Egyptian vulture

On October 5 at the Vasil Levski National Stadium in Sofia the LIFE project "Egyptian Vulture New LIFE" joined the sports competition: the “Go Kids” Athletic League for...See more

The Egyptian vulture and children athletes meet on the track-and-field

The LIFE project “Egyptian Vulture New LIFE” , supports one of the days of the sports competition: the “Go Kids” Athletic League for 6-15-year-old children 2019.  ...See more

Two of our Redbreasts have already reached Kazakhstan

We named the first Red-breasted Goose that we tagged last spring in Kazakhstan  “Misha” after our young colleague Mikhail Kalashnikov – the field expert, who stayed in the...See more

The Satellite-tagged Redbreasts started their autumn migration

The time for the great travel has come. The Red-breasted Geese have set off for wintering along the Western Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. In the first days of September,...See more

Guardians of the Neophron

As previous years we organized another campaign in 2019 devoted to the nest guarding during the fledgling period of the young birds in the Eastern Rhodopes. Our small squad of volunteers covered 7...See more

LOVE has no borders: One of the tagged Egyptian vultures in 2012 in Bulgaria started to breed in Greece!

At the beginning of every spring, we look at the sky to see the Egyptian vultures coming back from their winter grounds. We always hope to see more of them than in the previous year, but the...See more

Sarimazi Raptor Count has just started!

1 st September is the start day of the Sarimazi Raptor Count!   Hundreds of Egyptian vultures can be seen in Sarimazi in the region of Adana, Turkey only during the month of...See more

The scale of illegal bird killing in the Middle East revealed for the first time

A study out on 27 August, for the first time, estimates the scale and extent of the illegal killing and taking of wild birds in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Iran. Using a diverse range of...See more

Another 46 European sousliks became part of the last colony of the species in the Natura 2000 area Zapadna Strandzha

A total of 46 European sousliks were captured in the region of Sliven and released in the last known colony of the species in the Zapadna Strandzha Special Protection Area. This was the third and...See more

Young captive-bred Egyptian vultures become part of the wildlife of Bulgaria

On August 2, a team of BSPB and Green Balkans placed three young Egyptian vultures hatched in the network of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums ( EAZA ) and the Wildlife...See more