Bright breeding season 2017 in Bulgaria and new challenges for the Egyptian vultures in Greece

In Bulgaria the total number of occupied territories in 2017 was 27 (19 in the Rhodopes and 8 in Northern Bulgaria). The number of occupied territories is 10% less in comparison to 2016 but the...See more

Communication misses the opportunity to fix the broken CAP and address the environmental crises in Europe’s farmlands

The CAP reform Communication just launched by Commissioner Hogan completely fails to acknowledge the seriousness of the environmental crisis affecting European farmland, from the collapse of...See more

Step-Change in International Efforts to Conserve Vultures Takes Flight

28 October 2017, Manila, Philippines – Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) have today taken two momentous decisions to promote the conservation of Old World...See more

Not fit for purpose - NGOs present Fitness Check of the Common Agricultural Policy

BirdLife Europe & Central Asia, European Environmental Bureau (EEB), and NABU, German BirdLife/EEB partner, will today present an evidence-based Fitness Check assessment of the CAP at a...See more

Latest update of European wild bird indicators confirms continued decline of farmland birds

The latest data on European common birds, brought together by the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) , shows a continued decline of European farmland birds. While the common...See more

High nesting success of the Imperial Eagles in Thrace

28 young Imperial eagles out of 23 pairs that had started incubation in the spring have successfully left their nests in 2017. The average nesting success this year for Bulgaria is 1.22 juveniles...See more

Illegal killing of birds remains a major threat in Europe – new report

The Killing 2.0 , A View to a Kill exposes the scale and scope of the illegal killing of birds across critical regions. It is estimated that 0.4 - 2.1 million individual birds per year may...See more

Тhe Booted Eagle from the art installation “Life for the Eagles in Bulgaria” is in the Blagoevgrad Regional Museum of History

Тhe Booted Eagle from the art installation “Life for the Eagles in Bulgaria” is  already part of the Blagoevgrad Regional Museum of History. At the beginning of October another...See more

Who are the winners of the photo competition “Following the Eagle”

The photo competition “Following the Eagle”, organized by BSPB in the framework of the campaign “Life for the Eagles in Bulgaria” has finished. The photographs are of...See more

Experts from 17 countries exchanged experience in protecting the Lesser Spotted Eagle

Between 11th and 14th of October 2017, an International Conference for the conservation of the the Lesser Spotted Eagle was held in Bourgas with over 60 scientists and representatives of nature...See more
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