CAP post-2020: Agri ministers adopt ‘Surrealist Manifesto’ while Court of Auditors calls for neo-realism

Today’s Agri Council Conclusions on the post-2020 CAP turn a blind eye to scientific evidence on the environmental crisis on Europe’s farmland – and fly in the face of the...See more

Agri Council Fact Check: Leaked CAP conclusions based on environmental fiction

The draft Agri Council Conclusions on the post-2020 CAP – leaked this morning – are based entirely on factually untrue statements about the environment.   Scientific...See more

The public discussion on the Action Plan for the protection of the European souslik in Bulgaria was heled in Sofia

On 27 February, at the National Museum of Natural History, Sofia the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds organized a public discussion on the “National Action Plan for the...See more

The fate of the first captive-bred Egyptian Vultures released in Bulgaria

Elodie, the last of the first three captive-bred Egyptian Vultures, tagged with satellite transmitters and released in the wild in 2016, died. Elodie was the second documented case of tagged...See more

Break the ‘Silence of the Leaders’! – 133 NGOs call for more money for nature

Today, as EU Heads of State assembled in Brussels to bargain over the EU budget, European NGOs demonstrated to demand more money to protect and enhance biodiversity . With nature conservation...See more

Albania plans to build airport in protected area

Albania plans to build new international airport in Narta Lagoon protected area. In the end of the last week the Albanian Parliament approved the project. Local nature conservation organizations...See more

The birds of Butrint, Albania

New technical report, prepared by BSPB and PPNEA aims to broaden the knowledge on the state of breeding avifauna in the Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) of Butrint in Albania. More specific objectives...See more

The fifth campaign for prevention of crimes against nature

The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and the Executive Forestry Agency have started the campaign for prevention of crimes against nature "I guard the forests and eagles of...See more

A short story on our athletes

Only 5 out of total 27 birds tagged since 2012 survived by 2018 to surprise us with new interesting stories.   Iliaz is the only survivor from the nine juveniles tagged in 2012....See more

700 new trees keep the future for the Imperial Eagle

Between November 15 and December 15, 2017, a team of the LIFE project “ Land for LIFE ” and volunteers from Topolovgrad planted a total of 700 trees (200 poplars and 500 oak trees) in...See more
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