26 young Egyptian vultures have successfully left their nests in Bulgaria and Greece in 2016

During this nesting season in Bulgaria and Greece were detected a total of 40 territories occupied by Egyptian vultures (33 in Bulgaria and 7 in Greece) - two more than in 2015. In Bulgaria,...See more

A workshop for the communication experts from BirdLife Europe and Central Asia was held in Sofia

Between 2nd and 4th November  in Sofia was held a communicators’ workshop of BirdLife Europe and Central Asia. The meeting was attended by more than 50 representatives of partners of...See more

The Magical Ring

We present you the third comic of the "Vultures stories", created under the LIFE+ project “The Return of the Neophron” . With "The Magical Ring" we tell the story...See more

BSPB helps for the new field guide to the birds of Albania

Albania has an impressive number of bird species. Bird watchers may see birds that stay all the year in Albania and others wich are seen only seasonaly. Along summer nesting birds could be...See more

The largest hunting violation ever recorded in Jordan

The illegal hunting and trading of birds is one of the rising issues for conservationists in the Mediterranean region. It is a major challenge for governments and conservation organizations, as...See more

First meeting for developing the plan for restoration of the grasslands under the project

On 25/10/2016 at the National Museum of Natural History was held the first meeting for developing the Plan for Restoration and Sustainable Management of the Grasslands necessary for the purposes...See more

A record low rate of mortality among breeding pairs of Imperial eagles in 2016

The team of the LIFE project "Land for Life" reported a record low rate of mortality of nesting Imperial eagles - only 3.77%, which is the lowest for the last 10 years. For...See more

BSPB took part in the AEWA International field mission to Kazakhstan

From September 24 to October 7 this year, foreign experts from around Europe took part in a field mission in Kazakhstan under the auspices of AEWA Secretariat, which aimed to assess the...See more

Update on the tagged wild Egyptian vultures from Bulgaria and Greece

Since 2012, a total of 27 Egyptian vultures were tagged under The Return of the Neophron project (out of them 3 were captive-bred birds tagged in 2016). Currently only 7 birds are still alive:...See more

The first stage of the social study in the areas of the LIFE project Land for LIFE has finished

The first stage of the representative quantitative survey of the public opinion in key project NATURA 2000 areas has just finished. The socio-economic impact of the project was assessed in two...See more
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