Broadcasting live from the nest of the endangered Egyptian vulture

Everyone can easily observe live exciting moments from the life of the endangered Egyptian vultures and their dedicated care for their young chicks. This is a unique opportunity to access such a...See more

First attempt to apply the „fostering“ method in wild Egyptian Vultures to strengthen the population of the species in Bulgaria

"Fostering" has been proved as one of the successful methods for restocking of birds of prey, including vultures. Тhe method represents placement of captive-bred chicks in wild nests...See more

The Rocks of Arda - a future home for young Egyptian Vultures

The meanders of Arda in the Eastern Rhodopes, which have built high rocks on their way, from this year will be a home to young Egyptian vultures as part of the “Egyptian vulture New...See more

A Bird Paradise under Threat

The Ulcinj Salina, in the extreme south of Montenegro, is one of the most important wetland areas in the Balkans. The significance of these salt pans for migratory birds is commonly compared...See more

First data from the field studies of the Egyptian Vulture population in Niger

The ‘White Vulture’: that is how the Egyptian vulture (EV) is called among local population in Kéllé and its surroundings, in the Zinder region. This area is known for...See more

The number of the pairs of Imperial eagles in Bulgaria is now 29

After three years of stagnation, the number of the pairs of the Imperial eagles in Bulgaria increased by one and already is 29. The newly-discovered pair not only changed the three-year trend...See more

First results from the breeding season of the Egyptian vulture in Bulgaria and Greece

The first results from the monitoring of the species in Bulgaria and Greece show similar tendency in the number of occupied territories and the number of pairs compared to 2017 . The number of...See more

The Action Plan for Conservation of the Red-breasted Goose in Bulgaria was officially approved only two days ago

The Action Plan for Conservation of the Red-breasted Goose in Bulgaria developed by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB), was officially approved only two days ago. The Plan...See more

Nature in peril as Europe faces another decade of biodiversity-killing intensive farming

Today the European Commission released their highly anticipated Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform. The new plan does not guarantee any spending on biodiversity and grotesquely slashes funds...See more

Volunteer to save the Egyptian Vulture 2018

The iconic Egyptian Vulture is the most rapidly vanishing bird of prey in Europe. Your help is needed to secure its future. Volunteers from across the world are invited to carry out monitoring and...See more