How the “King of the skies” loses his kingdom on the ground

Say the word ‘eagle’ and the associations that come to mind are ‘soaring’, ‘majestic’, ‘eagle eye’ and ‘king of the skies’....See more

With satellite transmitter in Africa - current location of the tagged Egyptian vultures

At this time, out of all the tagged juveniles (18) only three continue to transmit a signal. Unfortunately some of the others died while some stopped sending data of their whereabouts....See more

Volunteer to save the Egyptian Vulture 2016

The iconic Egyptian Vulture is the most rapidly vanishing bird of prey in Europe. Your help is needed to secure its future. Volunteers from across the world are invited to carry out monitoring and...See more

Mid-winter waterfowl census in Albania

In January a team of BSPB took part in the census of waterfowl in Albania. This year, under the project "Land of eagles and castles" for the first time the census was attended by...See more

European Parliament Votes for Nature

In a huge vote at the European Parliament this lunchtime, Europe’s political representatives have stood up to defend key under-threat EU nature laws. By an overwhelming majority...See more

BSPB supports important project of Burgas Municipality

On 29 January 2016 through its Nature Conservation Centre Poda BSPB took part in the introduction workshop of special significance for Burgas Municipality -'Resilient Europe'. The project...See more

All about the work and the achievements of the anti-poison dog units in Greece

The poisoned baits are considered the main threat and cause of death of Egyptian vulture . In the frame of the project, in March 2014 in Central Greece and Thrace two anti-poison dog units were...See more

Конкурс за финансиране на студентски дипломни работи

Българска фондация Биоразнообразие обявява Конкурс за финансиране на студентски дипломни работи в областта на биологичното разнообразие и управление на защитените територии. Могат да...See more

BSPB helps for the development of touristic brands in Albania

On 4 th of December, a workshop for development of touristic brands for the Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) along the Adriatic coast of Albania (Narta, Karaburun and Butrinti) was held in Vlora in...See more

Bird identification course organized for second time within 2015 in Albania

Due to the high interest in the pilot bird identification training held in May 2015 in Albania , in December 4-7 th a second course on this topic was organized by the Association for...See more
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