Today we celebrate the European Natura 2000 Day

21st of May is the European Natura 2000 Day. Despite its 20 year history and its ecological, social and economic importance, the Natura 2000 network is known only by few citizens. This lack of...See more

Celebration on the World Migratory Bird Day by a pilot course in bird identification in Albania

A pilot training course in bird identification was held in Albania for the period 9-13th of May in relation to the World Migratory Bird Day. The event was organized under the joint efforts of...See more

Greater Flamingo over the BSPB Reserve Poda near Burgas

Twelve adult Greater Flamingos appeared on 15.05.2015 over the BSPB Reserve Poda near Burgas . The flock passed over the entire northern part of the site and started soaring over the Foros Bay....See more

Nature alert: environmental groups rally as European Commission threatens vital nature laws

An internet action called Nature Alert will allow citizens across the 28 EU countries to participate in the European Commission public consultation a nd, by doing so, save the laws that...See more

An extinct from Bulgaria species is on a way to start breeding again at the BSPB protected site Poda

A series of records of two pairs of Red-crested Pochard during the spring of 2015 give hope that this species can start breeding at the BSPB managed Poda Protected Site . Hopeful is both the...See more

Online video camera connects us with the life of the Egyptian vulture for the fourth consecutive year

The Egyptian Vultures’ family arrived after long and dangerous migration route and took the same nesting niche near Provadia, where a team of the LIFE + project "The Return of the...See more

BSPB project “Save the Raptors” selected among the Best of the Best LIFE projects

The most inspiring LIFE projects completed during 2014 will be honoured at a prestigious award ceremony taking place during EU Green Week in June 2015. And they can now be exclusively revealed...See more

A record number of new nests of Imperial eagles found in European Turkey

BSPB experts, together with representatives of the Turkish Society for Nature Conservation ( Doḡa Dernegi ), a partner of BirdLife International , implemented bird survey in the European part of...See more

New scientific publication reveals interesting facts about the migration of Egyptian vultures from the Balkans

Do you know that juvenile Egyptian vultures travel on average 5,275 km during their first migration, and fly for 35 days with an average speed of 172 km per day on their way to Africa? Under...See more

Egyptian vultures were welcomed in Bulgaria and Greece with installed photo traps and video camera

In Bulgaria on the first day of spring - March 22, Egyptian vultures were seen in the area of ​​Studen Kladents and Madzharovo. In Greece, on March 26 an Egyptian vulture was observed in Dadia...See more
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