New record in the number of Imperial Eagles pairs in Bulgaria - 34!

After the number of Imperial Eagles in Bulgaria increased by three more pairs in March and reached 32, which is a record for the last 20 years, two more new pairs were registered in April. Thus,...See more

The Egyptian vulture keeps its status quo in the Balkans

The spring monitoring of the species in the Balkans has revealed the same number of occupied territories as in 2019 – 51, while the number of pairs is 45 (vs 46 in 2019) . However, a shift...See more

A blueprint to save the planet: European Commission releases Biodiversity and Farm to Fork Strategies

On the 20th May, following multiple delays, the European Commission released its highly anticipated Biodiversity Strategy and Farm to Fork Strategy. These documents will map the main features of...See more

A long-lasting mystery finally revealed in the Eastern Rhodopes!

A mysterious Egyptian Vulture with a metal ring on its left leg re-occupied a former breeding territory in the Eastern Rhodopes in 2014. In the past, we have used such metal rings but also color...See more

Observe from home the mythical Egyptian vultures

The technological world moves us away from nature, but can it bring us closer to it in certain situations? In times of emergency, in which most of us are far from the wild, technologies such as...See more

The Glossy ibis arrived in the Poda Protected Area

One of the most beautiful birds, inhabitants of the Poda Protected Area near Burgas, has returned from Africa. The Glossy ibis, a relative of the African sacred ibis, derives its name from...See more

Taking Action against Illegal Wildlife Trade in Africa

" We are deeply saddened by the loss of lives through the COVID-19 pandemic and our thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones, or who are sick and we wish them a speedy...See more

The mobile application SmartBirdsPro adapted for the wildlife of Albania

From April 2020, the mobile application SmartBirdsPro of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds ( BSPB ) will be translated into Albanian and can be used freely in Albania. The whole...See more

People in Sakar know and appreciate the emblematic Imperial Eagle

Protecting any endangered species like the Imperial Eagle would be impossible without the understanding and support of the local people with whom it coexists. A significant part of the population...See more

Our Red-breasted Geese are already in Kazakhstan

Where are the tagged geese now? Slowly, but steadily they are advancing to the breeding grounds. After spending about a month in Kalmykia (Russia), most of them reached western Kazakhstan in early...See more