The Dalmatian pelicans in PERSINA Nature Park raised a record number of chicks

2020 is extremely successful for Dalmatian Pelicans nesting in Persina Nature Park for the fifth consecutive year. This season, 30 pairs of Dalmatian pelicans nested there, raising 40 chicks,...See more

Two wild families of Egyptian vultures take care of two young captive-bred hatchlings - the fostering method

On August 5th, a BSPB and Green Balkans team placed two young Egyptian vultures, hatched in the Prague Zoo and the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre - Green Balkans , part of the...See more

Four new Egyptian vulture’s territories: three in Bulgaria and one in Greece!

A BSPB team confirmed a newly formed pair of Egyptian vultures in Northern Bulgaria for the first time since 2007, which is even raising a generation! Another good news from the North is also...See more

Illegal wildlife poisoning case reaches court trial in Croatia for the first time

In January 2020, an illegal wildlife poisoning incident has resulted in the death of several wild and domestic animals in Croatia. The competent authorities and organizations carried out a...See more

BSPB film dedicated to the resettling of the European souslik

The destruction of the habitats of the European souslik is the main reason why the species is endangered, having already become completely extinct in Germany, Croatia, and Poland. A large part of...See more

Another Egyptian vulture with a mission to help its species through an experimental method

A team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Pizza ( BSPB ) and Green Balkans placed a young Egyptian vulture on the 10th of July in a hack at the supplementary feeding station in the...See more

Another record for the Imperial Eagle in Bulgaria this year

The number of hatched juveniles Imperial eagles during this breeding 2020 season is 37. This is another record for the species in our country this year. During the monitoring of the Imperial...See more

Serious loss of habitats of the Imperial eagle in Bulgaria

BSPB conducted a study of land use in 24 breeding territories of the Imperial eagle in Bulgaria and found a serious loss of key habitats for the species. The survey was conducted within...See more

Familatlon Online

The biggest outdoor feast for the whole family is moving online!   For the last 11 years, FAMILATLON has been welcoming thousands of children and parents under the sun of South Park in...See more

A new pair of Imperial eagles near Yambol and a new record for the population of the species in Bulgaria

Once again for the last few months, the number of the Imperial Eagles pairs in Bulgaria continues to grow! Days after announcing the new record of 34 pairs , a team from the Bulgarian Society...See more