The Dalmatian pelicans in PERSINA Nature Park raised a record number of chicks


2020 is extremely successful for Dalmatian Pelicans nesting in Persina Nature Park for the fifth consecutive year. This season, 30 pairs of Dalmatian pelicans nested there, raising 40 chicks, which is a new record for the area.


In the newly formed nesting colony of the species on the wooden platform in Martvo (Dead) Marsh, 8 pairs managed to raise a total of 6 young. The season was also successful for the colony in the Peschina swamp, where 22 couples raised 34 young. The chicks took off at the end of July, but still stay close to the platforms in the two swamps of Persin Island.


The marshes on Persin Island attracted more than two hundred Great White Pelicans, which used the wooden platforms only as a place to rest and sleep.


The care of the nesting colonies in Persina Nature Park includes regular monitoring activities, as well as maintaining the wooden platforms in good condition, so as to provide a safe and secure place where pelicans can raise their chicks, year after year.  The water in the marshes is a key factor for a number of waterfowl inhabiting the island. So maintaining the water regime of the Persin Island Wetland, which was restored in 2008, is also of paramount importance.


The conservation activities of the Dalmatian Pelican are carried out in the framework of “Pelican Way of Life” project (LIFE18 NAT/NL/000716), funded by the LIFE Program of the European Commission and with the support of the Whitley Fund for Nature.