5 years on-line monitoring of a wild nest of Egyptian vulture


© Nikolay Terziev

In 2012, a team of the LIFE + project "The Return of the Neophron" installed a camera in a nesting niche of an Egyptian vultures’ pair near Provadia. Since then, every year this camera allow us to observe the life of this rare species and to become witnesses to the hatching and the first flight of a total of 9 young birds (2012-2, 2013-2, 2014-2, 2015-1, 2016-2 juveniles).

The two young birds that were hatched this year successfully took the long way to Africa in mid-September. We wish them a save flight and stay in Africa and we hope that they will return back to their native places! We hope that their parents will return to the nest in the spring and will once again have a generation!
The camera for online observing of wild Egyptian vultures’ nest is the only of its kind in the world. It was installed by the BSPB team and was well camouflaged so that it resembles to the rock and do not disturb the vultures. Durind these five years thanks to the camera we gathered valuable information for the behavior and feeding of these world endangered birds, which is needed for their better conservation. We gathered enormous video material used in the creation of the film "The life of the Egyptian vulture" and has yet to be beneficial to other popular science films and the media.

Another critical mission was achieved thanks to the camera: every year the news about the arrival of the pair, laying their first egg and hatching of the chick, enjoyed great interest from the media and people. In these periods the project site www.LifeNeophron.eu  gathered most visitors, who wanted to look at the Egyptian vultures’ nest through the site.  The attention and the interest of the people, their concerns about the future of the Egyptian Vulture, are important for its conservation.

We expresses our gratitude to Dimitar Angelov, Svetoslav Tsvetanov, Anton Andonov, Mejnun Ademov, Professional School of Agriculture "Zemya", Sport and Rock Climbing Club VARNACLIMBING, State Forestry Varna, RIEW Varna,  Mtel, Antonia Kaltcheva, Miroslav Mihaylov and all the inhabitants of Provadia, who are concerned about the fate of their birds and perceived them as a pride of the city!

LIFE+ project The Return of the Neophron, Egyptian vulture, camera, Provadia