100% of Bulgarian IBAs are in Natura 2000 since “Rila buffer” SPA was designated as repoonse of ECJ ruling since 2018

Yesterday, 27 March 2019, a new Special Protection Area (SPA) was adopted by the Bulgarian Council of Ministers, which cover lower part of Rila Mountain, at the periphery of Rila National Park....See more

New online camera and photo traps will connect us with the life of the Egyptian vultures

A new online camera will transmit directly from the wild nest of the Egyptian vulture pair from Provadia, Bulgaria. The previous camera, which has been connecting us with the live of the...See more

World’s only tool-using vulture risks being lost forever

Hailed for its intelligence and majesty, the Egyptian Vulture was admired and worshipped throughout history. But decimated by poisoning, electrocution and illegal trophy hunting, the bird that...See more

Safe Passage Granted to Redbreasts in Kalmykia in the Spring!

Recently we received great news from our Project partners in Russia – the Government of Republic of Kalmykia has closed the spring hunting in 2019! In October last year the LIFE for Safe...See more

Expedition in Ethiopia revealed important information about the wintering population of the Egyptian vulture

In January 2019, a joint expedition of BSPB, RSPB, BirdLife Africa, EWNHS, SCF, NCF and APLORI, under the support of the local experts and authorities, was held in Ethiopia under the frame of the...See more

Seven more Egyptian vultures tagged with GPS-GSM satellite transmitters in Ethiopia

Chuupa , Ardi, Kero, Fentale, Ertale, Lucy and Alimera – these are the seven Egyptian vultures recently trapped by our team in Ethiopia. All birds were equipped with 30g solar powered...See more

CHUUPA - The First Egyptian Vulture Tagged in Metehara, Ethiopia

After few days of iron patience under the heat, preparations and efforts, it was exactly during the spiritual culmination of the Ethiopian Orthodox Epiphany, that the first Egyptian vulture was...See more

Vulture Killer Powerline Found in Metehara, Ethiopia

Electrocution and collision with energy infrastructure is among the major suspected mortality causes for the Egyptian vulture in its wintering grounds. To evaluate the magnitude of this threat...See more

In Memoriam

At the end of December, Tanyu Mitchev – a founding member and first President of BSPB passed away.   The past year will remain forever in the history of Bulgarian ornithology...See more

Film about the raptor census in Sarimazi, Turkey 2018

In September a team from the Bulgarian Society For the Protection of Birds ( BSPB ), Doğa Derneği (BirdLife International Turkey) and RSPB counted 813 Egyptian vultures, over 10,000...See more