One month in the wild

It has been already one month since Fer and Andi were released in the wild in Bulgaria. The two young Egyptian Vultures had many challenges in the beginning – they had to find safe places to...See more

Welcome to the Imperial Eagle Feast in Plovdiv

On June 27 from 17:30 to 20:30 in the Bunardzhika Park in Plovdiv the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) organizes a feast of the Imperial Eagle. The date is not accidental - 27...See more

The Red-breasted geese reached the Taymyr peninsula

All the red-breasted geese that we tagged with transmitters reached the Taymyr peninsula. After lingering around on Gydan in an area that on the map looked like a typical nesting habitat for the...See more

The realm of the Egyptian vultures loses grounds in the Balkans

The results from the monitoring of the Egyptian vulture in 2019 on the Balkans show a big drop in the population of the species. The number of occupied territories has decreased by 32% (from 74...See more

Redbreasts are approaching their nesting grounds

The Red-breasted geese have started the final stage of their migration to the breeding grounds. On May 27 and 28, four of the birds tagged with transmitters left the territory of Kazakhstan and...See more

First days in the wild of the released Egyptian vultures from the adaptation aviary in the Eastern Rhodopes

On May 15, a team of the LIFE project "Egyptian Vulture New LIFE" opened the doors of the adaptation aviary in the Eastern Rhodopes where three young Egyptian vultures spent nearly...See more

Ten GPS tagged Redbreasts will reveal the secrets of their migration

A field team of the LIFE for Safe Flight project completed the first transmitter tagging of Red-breasted Gееse in Kazakhstan in the period 9-18 th  May 2019. A team of local experts and...See more

Three Egyptian Vultures from zoos released in the nature of Bulgaria

On May 15th, three young Egyptian vultures from the zoos in Zlín, Schönbrunn, and Jerez were released in the Eastern Rhodopes after having spent just over two months in a special...See more

Children and adults celebrated together with the Egyptian Vulture the World Migratory Bird Day in Zoo Sofia

An amazing feast was held this Saturday (May 11th) on the World Migratory Bird Day by ornithologists and volunteers from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB). The magnificent...See more

World Migratory Bird Day in Sofia Zoo

On May 11 (Saturday), we will celebrate the World Migratory Bird Day at Sofia Zoo with a focus on several emblematic migratory bird species - the Egyptian Vulture, the Imperial Eagle and the...See more