How not to migrate, tells the Egyptian Vulture Vanya

Both Egyptian vultures, released this summer in the Eastern Rhodopes through the hacking method, began their migration in early September. One of them, Anna crossed the Sea of ​​Marmara through...See more

The migration of the captive-bred Egyptian vultures

Part of the young Egyptian vultures released this year in Bulgaria by different techniques of releasing – the hacking method, fostering and delayed release , headed for the first time...See more

71 European sousliks are already part of the last known colony of the species in Zapadna Strandzha Special Protection Area

This summer, 71 European sousliks from an endangered colony near Sliven received a new home in the Natura 2000 area “Zapadna Strandzha”. The sousliks were captured, measured and...See more

The breeding performance of the Egyptian Vulture population in Bulgaria is among the highest in Europe

A new scientific paper focused on the Egyptian Vulture was published in the international ornithological journal Ornis Fennica . The paper was developed by a team of the Bulgarian Society for the...See more

Egyptian vultures fledglings from European Zoos will be released in Bulgaria by the hacking method

On August 10, a team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds ( BSPB ) and Green Balkans placed two young captive-bred Egyptian vultures in a hack near Madzharovo. The two vultures...See more

Young people take up the challenge of protecting our nature

At the end of last week in Bakuriani, Georgia, the second nature conservation training of 24 young people from Georgia, Bulgaria and Turkey has finished. The training is conducted by partner...See more

The efforts to apply the fostering method for Egyptian vultures in the wild continue

After the unsuccessful first attempt at the end of June for placement of a two-weekly Egyptian vulture donated by the Prague Zoo in a wild nest in the Eastern Rhodopes, the BSPB and Green...See more

One more Egyptian Vultures family can be watched online

Another family of Egyptian vultures stands under the spotlight - this time the pair is at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center in Stara Zagora and everyone can watch live the parental care...See more

The Saker Falcon is breeding in Bulgaria again

The Saker Falcon – a globally endangered species has returned as a breeder in Bulgaria. This is a tremendous success for the nature conservation community in the country, resulting from...See more

Imperial eagle’s nest has fallen down in the region of Sliven

The rainy weather and storms this year affected not only the lives of people with floods and damage but also caused the destruction of the family home of the endangered Imperial eagles. This...See more