BSPB helps for the new field guide to the birds of Albania


Albania has an impressive number of bird species. Bird watchers may see birds that stay all the year in Albania and others wich are seen only seasonaly. Along summer nesting birds could be observed whereas in the winter wintering birds which escape for the freezing climate of northern Europe.

This is why the need of a field guide to the birds of Albania emerged and such edition was produced in the frame of the CEPF project “Land of Eagles and Castles”. The book is the most comprehensive bird guide in Albanian aiming to expand knowledge and encourage curiosity about the study and observation of birds in the country. Preparation of this guide book by the Association for Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA) and the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds (BSPB) has been a difficult undertaking because of large number (351) of bird species recorded in Albania so far. Authors Mirjan Topi and Stoyan Nikolov have been describing in a user friendly way the key feautures for identification of each species such as body shape, feathers, and species ecology. The users of this book will find very helpful for field identification the colourful illustrations reproducing the apperance of the bird. In this guide have been removed special technical details in order for the book to have a more practical value and be easily understood by every lover of birds. The user friendly and beautiful design was carefully produced by Vanya Georgieva.

I believe that this book will serve as a powerful tool helping more and more Albanians to engoy the enormous bird diversity and with this become more responsible and attached to their environment – the most presious herritage we can transmit to the future generations.- said  Kujtim Mersini, the Chairman of  PPNEA.

CEPF project Land of Eagles and Castles, PPNEA, BSPB