BSPB tagged with satellite transmitter an adult Egyptian vulture in Macedonia


© Аnton Stamenov

Last week a team of BSPB tagged with a satellite transmitter an adult Egyptian vulture in FYR of Macedonia (the transmitter was provided by VCF). The bird had been found last year near Prilep, where it had lived for a long time in captivity in poor conditions. After being confiscated the vulture had been transferred to the Macedonian Ecological Society (MES) in helpless condition.

The bird had been recovering for a several months and MED team has decided to release it and tagged with a satellite transmitter. The team of BSPB put the transmitter and the Egyptian vulture was released in the area where it was found. We hope that the adult bird will take part in the breeding season.

At first the vulture did not fly well, but gradually began to take increasingly bold flights. Currently the bird is provided with supplementary food and its movements are monitored. We wish to the vulture a successful and safe return to the wild!

Egyptian vultures, satellite transmitter, BSPB, Macedonian Ecological Society (MES)