BSPB supports important project of Burgas Municipality


On 29 January 2016 through its Nature Conservation Centre Poda BSPB took part in the introduction workshop of special significance for Burgas Municipality -'Resilient Europe'. The project is funded by the interregional programme URBACT III. The Project was presented by Maya Velcheva, Director European Policy and Programs with Burgas Municipality. Significantly increased risk of floods, extreme low temperatures, storms and other extreme weather events request well thought and prepared preventive measures to be taken by the cities in most risky areas. Partners of Burgas in the project are cities as Vaile, Glasgow, Rotterdam, Thessaloniki and other.
‘The project is part of the long-term policy of Burgas Municipality to satisfy the increased requirements of the society and individuals for more active involvement in the development of adaptation strategies and for creating conditions for sustainable, stable and involving economy growth’ – mentions in her invitation letter Ruska Boyadzieva, Deputy Major on European Policy and Environment with the Municipality. We from BSPB consider this project and the complex of concrete measures it envisages as another expression of the large-scale improvements of Burgas during the last years and as a real care about the safety and prosperity of its citizens.
BSPB has traditional cooperation with Burgas Municipality, especially after the BSPB Conservation Centre was established as regional representation of our organization in this part of the country. Positive results for the city and its natural values provided the partnership between BSPB and Burgas Municipality in the Life+ Project ‘Life for Burgas Lakes’. We highly appreciate the understanding, showed by the Municipality and building the bicycle lane Burgas – Kraymorie along the boundary of Poda, but not as initially planned through the protected area itself, which was imposing on a threat the Spoonbill, Ibises’ and herons’ colony.
In her letter to the BSPB Poda Centre representatives Dr. Niki Frantzeskaki, thematic expert of the project, writes: ‘Thank you very much for coming and participating to our workshop today of the project 'Resilient Europe' and for the very nice inputs and questions. I hope that you will support with your presence and ideas the local group to discuss and find new actions to strengthen Burgas' urban resilience.’
We would like to thank for this invitation and on behalf of BSPB to make all of our best for Burgas, its people and natural values to be made resilient for the new climatic challenges.
For more information:
Dr. Petar Iankov,
BSPB Nature Conservation Centre PODA
Mobile: + 359 878 599 373


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