This declaration is signed by 286 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from a wide variety of sectors. SMEs (enterprises with up to 250 people and a turnover of less than EUR 50 million) are an important part of the EU economy. SMEs are of vital importance to rural areas creating jobs and income in areas where employment and investors are often difficult to find.


1. Nature matters to us and our business. We are committed to creating a sustainable economy, with a high quality of life for us and our children/ future generations, and work in harmony with the planet. Our businesses are an example of how one can earn a profit and care for nature at the same time.


2. We are worried about the Commission’s plans to change the nature laws in the EU. Our good business relies on good nature protection, including nature protected by EU law. Stable, effective and predictable legislation is important for us.


3. A common EU market needs common rules, and protecting our common natural heritage and vital ecosystems requires EU level action to coordinate and complement the work of our national and local governments.


4. Nature conservation gives an economic opportunity to us. We all benefit from nature in different ways: by adding value to our products connecting with consumers, we attract employees and customers to our locations through their natural beauty, we use natural resources that depend on healthy ecosystems, we take care of nature as part of our license to operate and as a way to connect with local communities.


5. We want the European Commission to continue to take action for nature:


a. The Commission should invest in nature conservation in order to maintain our natural capital. The Commission should make sure that nature areas receive enough funding for their management and restoration.


b. The Commission should also make sure that the common rules are applied evenly to everyone, everywhere, instead of changing the rules for nature conservation.


c Finally, the Commission should acknowledge and support the role of SMEs in nature conservation, and ensure SMEs are involved in site management and helped to access the economic and social potential of our nature sites sustainably.

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