Volunteers took part in the activities for the protection of the Dalmatian Pelican


In the last week of August, 14 volunteers took part in the monitoring of pelicans and other waterbords in the Burgas lakes. They also  inspected  dangerous power lines located near the Specially Protected Areas of Natura 2000 Mandra-Poda Complex and Atanasovsko Lake. Thanks to the volunteers, the Dalmatian pelicans were successfully counted in the area around Burgas - 298 individuals.

Atanasovsko Lake, Burgas Lake and Mandra-Poda Complex are amongst the most important places for the protection of the Dalmatian Pelican in Europe. Up to 800 individuals of this protected species regularly congregate here. Burgas wetlands are an important stop for a huge number of birds migrating along the Via Pontica.

The field experts of BSPB conducted training on bird identification and counting for the volunteers. During the monitoring of the lakes, 72 species of waterfowl with a total number of about 50,000 individuals were identified, including 585 Greater Flamingos, 6,000 White Pelicans and many more.

In addition to that, the volunteers also varnished the two wooden pavilions located at the observation point for migrating soaring birds in Atanasovsko Lake. The place is emblematic of migration monitoring and is used annually by many bird lovers from all around the world.

The conservation activities of the Dalmatian Pelican are carried out in the framework of the project “Pelican Way of Life” (LIFE18 NAT/NL/000716), funded by the EU LIFE program and Whitley Fund for Nature.