Two of our Redbreasts have already reached Kazakhstan


We named the first Red-breasted Goose that we tagged last spring in Kazakhstan  “Misha” after our young colleague Mikhail Kalashnikov – the field expert, who stayed in the catching hide relentlessly for hour and caught most of the birds we tagged. He would get up early before sunrise and by the time we were up he was already sitting for hours in the hide waiting for the geese to land in the catching area or would call on the mobile that he has made a catch already.


So we named the first tagged goose after him – it was not the heaviest, but it came out to be the fittest. And he has stood up by his name – “Misha” was the first to reach the Arctic and now it has been the first to fly back to towards the autumn staging grounds. 


Couple of days ago “Misha” reached the same area where we caught it in May this year and fitted it with satellite tag – a real champion in migration.


The good news is that one of our female Redbreasts – “Emilia” also reached Northern Kazakhstan and now resides in a small wetlands to the West of village Semipolka, N Kazakhstan. This means that two of our tagged Redbreasts have completed the migration form the place of tagging to the breeding grounds and back. We hope that they will manage to reach the wintering grounds safely and avoid any poaching incidents.


The first flocks of Redbreasts have already reached Northern Kazakhstan, but the main part of the population is still up North in Russia along the Ob river. We hope we’ll get more news on the migrating  tagged birds from the field very soon from our colleagues in Kazakhstan.