The Egyptian vulture and children athletes meet on the track-and-field


The LIFE project “Egyptian Vulture New LIFE”, supports one of the days of the sports competition: the “Go Kids” Athletic League for 6-15-year-old children 2019.

On October 5 at the Vasil Levski National Stadium under the motto: Nature lovers. Sports champions, nearly 500 children will stand on the starting line and fight for victory. In addition to this immense emotion and responsibility that they will experience, small athletes will learn about an ancient bird that has survived for millennia but is threatened with extinction today. The mythical Egyptian Vulture - a true wildlife athlete will naturally inspire kids not to give up, no matter how difficult a challenge may seem.

Lecture and educational games will be held on the day of the competition and all participants will receive thematic gifts from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and will learn more about the Egyptian Vulture.

The overall experience will encourage children to be guardians of the brave bird and ambassadors of its life.