Young people take up the challenge of protecting our nature


© Irina Mateeva

At the end of last week in Bakuriani, Georgia, the second nature conservation training of 24 young people from Georgia, Bulgaria and Turkey has finished. The training is conducted by partner organizations of BirdLife International in Bulgaria (BSPB), Georgia (SABUKO) and Turkey (Doğa Derneği) within the project "Youth-Led Advocacy for Wildlife Conservation", with the financial support of the Erasmus programme of the European Union.

In May, the youngsters gathered for the first time in Lagodechi National Park, West Georgia, where they trained on basics for nature conservation - what is biodiversity, its significance and threats to it, what are the red lists and how it is determined how much the species are threatened, what is "ecosystem function" and "ecosystem service" and how knowledge about nature is transmitted through different forms of education.

Over the past two weeks, in the nature of Georgia, near the Borjomi - Kharagauli National Park, the focus of the training was related to the development of projects through which nature conservation activities are carried out as well as a very serious and comprehensive theme, namely - Advocacy for nature and campaigning. The youngsters learned about the nature conservation system in individual countries, debated cases of serious threats and opportunities to be removed. They have developed real advocacy strategies to put them into practice. The Bulgarian youth developed a strategy on the theme of the Pirin National Park, the day before the decision of the court was officially made clear about the unlawfulness of the changes to the park management plan.

In addition to learning, the young people have created a unique international friendship and are excited to fight for the preservation of nature, which is our hope for international cooperation and our efforts will be in safe hands today and for the future.

Project Youth-Led Advocacy for Wildlife Conservation, BSPB, BirdLife International, SABUKO, Doğa Derneği