Monitornig of breeding birds in Albania


© Silvia Dyulgerova

Teams of Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds (BSPB)/ BirdLife Bulgaria, in colaboraion with PPNEA, started the monitoring program of breeding birds in the three Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA), under the CEPF founded project “Land of Eagles and Castles”.

At the end of March, the field experts carried out the first visit in the KBA Vlora bay – Karaburun – Çika Mountain. A total number of 85 bird species (breeders and migrants) have been noted. Among the most interesting observations might be mentioned the ones of: Cattle egret in Orikumi lagoon, Osprey, Shag, Yelkouan shearwater, Golden eagle etc.

The monitoring of breeding birds continued in the next week, in the areas of Protected Landscape Vjose-Narta and National Park Butrint. The survey includes all the habitats of these areas, including: sea, coast, wetland, forest, hills, agriculture areas etc. The data collected so far, by PPNEA and BSPB experts, show the presence of 107 species of breeding and migrating birds in the Vjose-Narta area. Among the most interesting observations are: Whimbrel, Ruff, Montagu’s harrier, Hen harrier, Pallid harrier Sparrowhawk, Wryneck, Sardinian warbler, Rüppell's warbler etc, Lesser kestrel, Audoin’s gull and large groups of Kentish plover (over 1100 birds).

In the National Park Butrint, were counted 67 species and very interesting results have been obtained, such as the presence of quite big groups (over 100 individuals) of sea birds, such as Scopoli's shearwater, Yelkouan shearwater, Caspian tern, also over 100 Gull-billed turn, Glossy ibis, European pied flycatcher and ect. This shows the importance of this area as stopover place along migration, for these species.

Gathering solid data for the presence of species, based on dedicated designed monitoring programs, is of high importance for conservation in the country (considering the lack of data), sustainable management of the specific sites and preparation of important documents, such as national bird atlas etc. Such studies are key for the establishment of Natura 2000 network in the country.


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