The nest guarding campaign during the cataclysmic 2020


© Emil Yordanov

Despite all the challenges facing humanity this year, the team of the "Egyptian Vulture New LIFE" project was once again on duty to the young generation of the world's endangered species in the most vulnerable period – during the first flight. Despite the changes and cataclysms around the world, several people from Bulgaria and abroad dedicated time and effort to take part in the campaign again.

This August, a team of 8 volunteers guarded 9 nests with 15 juveniles in the stronghold of the species on the Balkans - the region of Madzharovo. Fortunately, no incidents were reported and the young birds fledged successfully. Both foster juveniles, hatched in captivity this year, were closely monitored. They were placed in wild nests at the beginning of August by the fostering method. One bird was hatched at the Green Balkans Rescue Center in Stara Zagora, and the other was donated by the Prague Zoo.

The northernmost breeding territories of the species in Bulgaria were also guarded by local project collaborators. They took care of 6 nests with 8 juveniles, which also fledged successfully. The newly discovered pair in this part of the country was also supplementary fed and guarded. A few days ago, their first chick was taken for rearing at the Green Balkans Rescue Center.  The late date of hatching will not allow the chick to leave the nest and start the migration on time which made the intervention inevitable.

Since 2013, more than 80 volunteers from Bulgaria and abroad have taken part in the nest guarding campaign, including guests from Canada, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, France, and the United States.

We express our great gratitude and appreciation to all of you who have dedicated time and effort to a globally endangered species! For everyone else - the challenge is in front of you every year in August!