Another project with BSPB participation awarded as one of the best EU Life Programme projects for 2015


© János Bagyura

The project “Conservation of Falco cherrug in North-Eastern Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” (Life09 NAT/HU/000384) is the next project with BSPB participation, included amongst the best projects of this EU Programme for 2015. On a ceremony in Brussels on 31 May 2016 the award was given to Josef Fidloczky, the Project Leader. The Bulgarian Partner of the project was BSPB / BirdLife Bulgaria, with National coordinator Anna Staneva. This is a deserved honour for her, for BSPB and for the team, working for the preservation of this bird for the Bulgarian fauna.

The saker falcon is a species, threatened by extinction on a global scale. Since 1980th its nests were systematically robbed, which, together with some significant changes in the species’ habitats led to its extinction as a breeding bird in Bulgaria.

BSPB / BirdLife Bulgaria works since its establishment on the preservation of the saker falcon, but the socio-economy environment during the first decades after the changes in Bulgaria did not allowed our efforts to give significant results. Today the situation is different – the main culprit for the deplorable state of the saker is already convicted guilty for a bird crime, he is defendant for another similar crime, and in addition he is under arrest for a third such crime. BSPB had significant contribution for the two first cases to happened…

Not less important are the large-scale actions for improvement of the saker habitats and fro its natural recolonization as breeder in Bulgaria. That was the goal of the BSPB participation in the awarded international project “Conservation of Falco cherrug in North-Eastern Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” (Life09 NAT/HU/000384), as most realistically is juvenile birds from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania or Ukraine to come and to start breeding in suitable habitats. At different parts of the country artificial nest boxes for sakers were installed, agro-environment measures were encouraged to improve the state of the pastures and to recover the populations of the European ground squirrel (souslik), which is the main food of the saker. The BSPB Saker Team continues working on the species after the end of the project, as well. Several very encouraging records of the species during the last months bring optimism that the black clouds over the head of the saker falcon are going to dissipate…

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