Support the project “LIFE for Safe Grid” for the LIFE Citizens’ Prize


© Márton Horváth, MME BirdLife Hungary

The greatest reward for years of work and effort to save an endangered species is not held in the hand, does not get on the podium, and does not hang on the wall. For BSPB and our colleagues from Elektrorazpredelenie Yugit is expressed in several numbers - 2340 electric poles shielded with protective insulation; 42 km of overhead power lines, made up of 126 km of conductors, are replaced with fully insulated ones – the so-called PAS system; 43 km of underground electrical cables placed, replacing almost 70 km of overhead power lines dangerous to the birds; 16 new concrete transformer substations… And 35 - the number of pairs of Imperial Eagles, which in just the last few months have grown by an incredible 6 new pairs!

There is another reward that is no less valuable for both us and the Imperial Eagle - the support of the people. If you, like us, enjoy these results and the benefits that the “LIFE for Safe Grid” project has brought to the species and Bulgarian nature, vote for it for the LIFE Citizens’ Prize, part of the European Commission's LIFE  Awards 2020. Anyone can cast their vote on this link from September 3 to October 21.

The “LIFE for Safe Grid” project is among the 15 projects nominated by the European Commission for the LIFE awards 2020. The categories in which it will compete for the first place are: "Nature protection", "Environment" and "Climate action". The winners in each category and the winner of the LIFE Citizens’ Prize will be announced at a ceremony in Brussels on 21 October.

The project “LIFE for Safe Grid” was implemented by the distribution company in Southeastern Bulgaria Elektrorazpredelenie Yug in partnership with the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds (BSPB).