The handbook for prevention of trafficking in protected species already in Albanian language


The handbook “Prevention of trafficking in protected species” is already in help of the customs officers, border veterinarians and institutions in Albania. The translation and adaptation for Albania were made within the CEPF project “Land of Eagles and Castles” but the activity is a continuation of good practice from LIFE project “The Return of the Neophron”.

The handbook will be disseminated in Customs (National Agency of Protected Areas), Inspectorate of Environment - Forestry police, Police chief of the villages where Egyptian vulture nests, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade in Albania, local and national environment conservation  NGOs, National Library of Albania, schools, journalists etc.

The handbook is designed to facilitate and support the daily work of the customs officers and border veterinarians in their work on the prevention of illicit trafficking and trade in protected species with the main accent are the birds of prey. The handbook includes a brief description of the legislation regulating the trade of rare species, a brief description of the most common methods and techniques used to conceal and transport the animals, practical guidelines for effective actions and short guide for the identification of the birds of prey, owls and songbirds that are subject of trafficking.

The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds prepared the handbook in 2013 within the LIFE projects "Conservation of Imperial Eagle and Saker Falcon in key Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria" and  “The Return of the Neophron”.

The handbook is available in Bulgarian, Greek and Albanian.


CEPF project Land of Eagles and Castles, LIFE project The Return of the Neophron, handbook for customs