The birds of Butrint, Albania


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New technical report, prepared by BSPB and PPNEA aims to broaden the knowledge on the state of breeding avifauna in the Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) of Butrint in Albania. More specific objectives are to provide information about the list of breeding bird species, their numbers, distribution and treats. Relevant data for spring migrants is also provided. This information could be used for future bird-friendly management, design of appropriate conservation activities and nature friendly tourism in the zone.

The Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) of Butrint is located in the south of Albania, approximately 20 km from the modern city of Saranda. With its very specific atmosphere created by a combination of archaeology, monuments and nature in the Mediterranean, Butrint has a status of National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site.

In 2016, in the frame of the CEPF project “Land of Eagles and Castles”, joint teams of BSPB/BirdLife Bulgaria and PPNEA conducted a survey in KBA of Butrint and obsereved 97 species of birds. Out of them 67 species (69%) were breeders and 30 - non-breeders. The total number of recorded birds was 2,739 ind., out of which 732 ind. (26%) were breeders.

The most abundant breeding birds were Barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) - 97 ind., House martin (Delichon urbicum) - 68 ind., Red-rumped swallow (Cecropis daurica) - 34 ind. The most numerous non-breeding species was Cory`s shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) - 810 ind. registered in a huge group in Saranda Bay.

The most significant threats for the birds found in the KBA zone were: Commercial fishing and development of aquaculture; Habitat loss due to building construction activities; Illegal hunting, Reclamation of wetlands in some lowland zone in the KBA.

Find the technical report “State and Distribution of the Breeding Avifauna in Key Biodiversity Area of Butrint, Albania 2016” here.

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