CHUUPA - The First Egyptian Vulture Tagged in Metehara, Ethiopia


After few days of iron patience under the heat, preparations and efforts, it was exactly during the spiritual culmination of the Ethiopian Orthodox Epiphany, that the first Egyptian vulture was trapped by EV new LIFE project team in Metehara. This is why its name is Chuupa (means Epiphany in the local language). The vulture was tagged and released under the background of furious dances and singing of the Orthodox community in Metehara.

This activity provided a very good opportunity to the African partners of the EV New LIFE project (namely the EWNHS, BL Africa, APLORI, SCF and NCF) as a pilot practical demonstration and to build capacity in tagging Egyptian vultures.

Just before the Chuupa, a curious juvenile Hooded vulture was trapped, but it was immediately released by our field experts. We will continue our efforts for tagging more Egyptian vultures in the area in order to enlarge our knowledge on the local threats and inform adequate conservation measures in the wintering grounds.