First White Storks arrived from south at Poda Centre


A flock of 14 White Storks flew over the BSPB Nature Centre Poda at 10:48 on 22.02.2017. The birds were soaring and trying to get height over the protected site, gradually moving towards north-north-west.

Usually the White Stork arrives in Bulgaria around the beginning of March, but obviously the very strong winter did not discourage this flock to start so early its flght back towards the breeding sites. In fact, this flock did not allow the visitors of Poda to have ‘martenitsa’ this year. There is an old tradition in Bulgaria on 1st March everybody to get decorated with a white and red strand and to keep it until the first stork is seen. So, we will miss our ‘martenitsa’ this year.

The White Stork is an excellent symbol and is enjoing the love of people. Probably this is the secret of the fact, that the White Stork, but not any other bird is the biggest wild bird, living next to people. Throughout the years BSPB spent lot of efforts to preserve the White Stork. By installing artificial nest platforms and replacing the risky nests, by insulating the dangerous electricity pylons to prevent storks from shortcuts, by saving the most important bird areas, by supporting the natural love of children to the wildlife. But our biggest achievement is that we convinced the electricity companies, responsible for the power lines, to take on themselves the care about the White Stork. This is extremely important, because no other can work on the grid under tension of thousands of volts. Thus the future of the White Stork is much safer now.

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