The first Imperial Eagles hatched in Sakar and in the region of Sliven


© М. Horvath

The first Imperial Eagles hatched in the four nests in Sakar and in the region of Sliven that are guarded by volunteers of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB). These are the first eagles for this season and they hatched around 6th of May. These four pairs of Imperial eagles traditionally hatch their chicks earlier. Two of the pairs have two juveniles. For the other two pairs we still do not know the exact number of their fledglings. These observations were made by the team of the LIFE project "Land for Life”.

The nest guarding prevents disturbance of the birds and significantly increases the breeding success of the eagles. The Imperial Eagle is one of the rarest birds both in Bulgaria and globally. Only 28 pairs have left in Bulgaria and protection of each bird and even each egg are of great importance for the survival of this rare species.

LIFE project Land for Life, Imperial Eagle, nest guarding
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