Early-Winter Count of birds at Poda Protected Site was done by BSPB members from Burgas


On 12.12.2015 the BSPB members from Burgas carried out an Early-Winter Count of birds at Poda Protected Site. The count was organized by the Poda Nature Conservation Centre, which is the regional BSPB conservation focal point for South-eastern Bulgaria. The weather was just fantastic and was corresponding better with September, rather with Mid-December. This made the count not just successful, but extremmely pleasant.


For six hours the nine participants in the count (Viktoria Dimitrova, Desislava Stefanova, Ivaylo Dimchev, Krasimira Gavrilova, Milen Dimitrov, Petar Iankov, Radina Atanasova, Radoslav Moldovanski, Spas Uzunov (BBF) were mapping the spatial distribution and numbers of all recorded birds in the Protected Site. This information is very important for the update of the Poda Management plan. As it is known, Poda Protected Site is the first Bulgarian protected area, for which Management plan was developed yet in 1997 by BSPB.


During the count in total 2091 birds of 51 species were recorded. Amongst the typical for Poda winter species, such as Smew, Caspian Gull, Water Pipit, Siskin, there were birds, which should be at this time in Africa, such as the Little Egret and the White Pelican (though flying dragonflies also were not typical winter creatures!). Presence of the local Pygmy Cormorants, White-tailed Eagle, Dalmatian Pelican was not a surprise, while it was pleasant surprise to see the Goosanders, Greater Scaups, Red-throated Loon and other rare visitors for Poda.


Interesting was the observation of a Marsh Harrier, which caught a Coot just in front of the observers and with its prey attracted immediately two other Marsh Harriers and a Magpie. And to complete the programme, Krasi Gavrilova find on the beach a bottle with a letter inside, carrying a very interesting spiritual message… The count had its natural end with a fire and barbeque in the yard of the Conservation Centre, which was not less tasty than the amazing contact with the birds of Poda.


The BSPB Poda Centre, which is the conservation focal point of our organization for Burgas and the region, will carry out similar counts also in the weekends around the mid-January (within the frame of the Mid-Winter Count) and around the Mid-February (Late-Winter Count).

Early-Winter Count, Poda, Burgas