With satellite transmitter in Africa - current location of the tagged Egyptian vultures


Young Egyptian vulture © Javier

At this time, out of all the tagged juveniles (18) only three continue to transmit a signal. Unfortunately some of the others died while some stopped sending data of their whereabouts.

Dobromir, tagged with a satellite transmitter in 2012, is in southern Sudan.
Ilyaz, tagged in 2012, is located in the south of Chad, on the border with the Central African Republic.

Sanie, tagged in 2013, spent the last two months near the lake Fitri, Chad.

The adult Egyptian vultures tagged with satellite transmitters are four. In 2014 Lazarus died after feeding on a poisoned bait for the second time.

Boris and Jenny – the two adult vultures from the same region in Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria, which we tagged in 2015, traveled together to Syria. There they separated and Jenny in this moment is in central Chad and Boris- in eastern Afar near the border with Djibouti.

Aoos – the Egyptian vulture from Albania tagged in 2015 in Epirus-Greece, is near to the capital of Chad, N'Djamena.

Castor – hatched and ringed in Madzharovo region in 2010, and tagged with a transmitter in 2014 in Kastoria-Greece, broadcasts signal without movement. We will try to organize a spot check to understand whether the bird is dead or the transmitter has fallen.

You can find more information about the movements of the tagged Egyptian vultures here.

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