Imperial eagles, Long-legged buzzard and Eurasian eagle-owl observed at the feeding stations for winter feeding of birds of prey in Sakar


During the winter feeding of birds of prey of the three feeding stations of BSPB in the Natura 2000 zone "Sakar" photo traps revealed interesting visits of Imperial eagles, Common and Long-legged buzzard, crows and unexpectedly - Eurasian eagle-owl.

The Eurasian eagle-owl actively hunting its prey in darkness and live mainly on a diet of small and medium-sized mammals and birds.  It is not typical to eat carrion, making his presence at the station extremely unusual. Two years ago at the same feeding station an owl was photographed, but then killed common buzzard and ate it.

The feeding stations are located at strategic places so they can be used simultaneously by two breeding pairs and by juvenile Imperial Eagles. Locations are consistent with the view to the safety of the eagles. For this purpose information gathered from satellite tracking of 22 birds tagged with transmitters during the LIFE+ project "Conservation of Imperial Eagle and Saker Falcon in key Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria" has been analyzed.

The supplementary feeding is carried out by volunteers of BSPB and aims to support nesting eagles and young birds to feed in the difficult winter period.

LIFE+ project Conservation of Imperial Eagle and Saker Falcon in key Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria