Join the nest guarding campaign in Bulgaria 2020


Emil Yordanov

The summer of 2020 awaits its volunteers – guardians of Egyptian vultures’ nests in Bulgaria. As the human world goes through trials and cataclysms, the globally endangered species also continues to struggle to survive in its world of dangers and challenges. The new generation is already here and in August will need help in its most vulnerable period - that of the first flight.

Since 2013, more than 70 volunteers from Bulgaria and abroad have taken part in the nest guarding campaign, including guests from Canada, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, France and the United States. So far, thanks to their invaluable help, 5 juveniles have been rescued and more than 100 birds have successfully left their nests.

We offer you a close encounter with one of the rarest birds on the planet and an opportunity to contribute to its conservation. The unique nature of the Eastern Rhodopes will be your fortress for a certain period of time between 1-25 August. Every morning you will be left at the observation point with binoculars or a spotting scope. When you notice a danger - the fall of the chick from the nest or the disturbance caused by people - you give a signal to the team of the "Egyptian Vulture New LIFE" project, which is nearby and reacts immediately. You need to be properly equipped to stay outdoors in nature and charged with patience and attention to the iconic species.

For more information and registration, you can contact Vladimir Dobrev -

The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds has taken on the responsible and extremely ambitious role of being the leading organization in one of the world's largest projects for the conservation of the globally endangered species - "Egyptian Vulture New LIFE", in partnership with Green Balkans. The project brings together institutions and organizations from 14 countries on three continents - all of them part of the migration route of this amazing bird. As each country has a role to play in saving the species, so does each of us.