Nature conservation camp “Atanasovsko lake 2017” 19-27th of August 2017


This year for 29th time Atansovsko lake salt lagoon will host volunteers from all over the world passionate to support conservation of one of the most spectacular European biodiversity hotspots where around 240,000 white storks, more than 30,000 white pelicans and around 60,000 raptors can be seen here during migration in the autumn. This is the place where migrating White pelicans and Dalmatian pelicans, together with Marsh harriers and Red-footed falcons concentrate in the highest numbers in Europe. Atanasovsko Lake is second only to the Bosporus in the numbers of Lesser-spotted eagles flying over during migration.

This year’s challenge will be the construction of a giant nesting and roosting platform for Dalmatian pelicans. This would be the first attempt for construction of a platform of that size ever in the history of the nature conservation camp. In order to provide the most favourable conditions for the Dalmatian pelicans, the platform will be covered with reed bundles cut from the lake’s reed massive by the volunteers.

Those of you interested in birds will find lots of opportunities to learn about them and witness the miracle of migration at the Point – the word renowned place for migratory birds’s observation at the “bottle neck” of the second biggest bird migratory route in Europe – Via Pontica. In fact, the autumn soaring birds migration observation by a group dedicated birders almost 30 ago have led the foundation of the annual nature conservation camp.

Once approved you will receive a confirmation email. Please note only participants with letter of confirmation will be allowed access to the camp area.  

You are a perfect fit for the camp if:

  • You are in good health able to work intense manual labour in the open
  • You are over 18
  • You have sent your application on time

Priority would be given to candidates which:

  • Are going to stay for the whole duration of the camp
  • Have demonstrable interest in birds conservation (experience in BSPB’s or other organizations’ volunteers activities)
  • Are experienced in intense manual labour and have relevant skills
  • Can play a musical instrument. Wise man once said the music is the spirit of the camp

Attendance fee BGN 60,00 (BSPB members BGN 30,00)

BSPB provides:

  • Three meals a day
  • Tent camp accommodation
  • Insurance
  • Birds recognition training programme
  • Set of conservation lectures
  • Participation in field conservation activities


If you are looking for unforgettable experience this summer? This is your chance. Once you have been here you will always wish to come again.

Don’t wait until the very last moment, the places this year are limited up to 60 participants. Application deadline is 7th of August. You can access the application form from hire:

You are expected to:

  • Cover your transport costs to the camp and back
  • Bring your own - tent, sleeping bag and mat. There are limited number of available tents, please indicate if you would like to be provided with a place in them.
  • Bring your own set of dresses for field work. You are advised to use old ones as it is highly likely that you will need to dispose them after the camp.
  • Bring suitable shoes – old sketchers are deemed most appropriate for work in the mud. Please note that flip flops and sandals are completely unusable in this terrain and may limit your ability to participate in the field work activities




The nature conservation camp “Atanasovsko lake” is organized by Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds|BirdLife Bulgaria under the LIFE+ “Salt of life” project, implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation in partnership with the Bulgarian society for the protection of birds and the “Black sea salt factory” ltd.