Land of Eagles and Castles: Pilot Sustainable Tourism Model for the Albanian Adriatic Coastline

© Mirjan Topi

Project name: Land of Eagles and Castles: Pilot Sustainable Tourism Model for the Albanian Adriatic Coastline

Short name: Land of Eagles and Castles

Grant number: 62721

Main goal: To deliver a model for establishing community-driven, nature-based tourism in three of the eight Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) that have been identified along the Albanian Adriatic coastline in the Southwest Balkans Corridor.

Duration: 36 (thirty six) months from 01.07.2013 until 30.06.2016.

Project sites: Three KBAs along the Albanian Adriatic coastline: (1) Narta Lagoon and surrounding area; (2) Vlora bay, karaburun Peninsula and Cika Mountain; and (3) Butrinti and surrounding area.

Beneficiaries: The Association for the Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment (PPNEA) and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB).


The BSPB shall contribute specific expertise to the delivery of the following actions:

  1. Study of the biodiversity to outline the specific characteristics;
  2. Create a list of interpretative topics in consultation and active support of local communities;
  3. Establish the touristic product brand;
  4. Organize training for local entrepreneurs;
  5. Organize visits of local authorities and key community opinion leaders to Bulgaria;
  6. Establish a system of monitoring impact of the nature-related tourism development.

The BSPB shall be leading organisation for the implementation of the actions No 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Expected results:

  • Establish sound scientific basis for informed conservation intervention;
  • Encourage economically viable sustainable local livelihoods;
  • Create ownership over project results to guarantee their long-term sustainability;
  • Enhance awareness on the importance of formal nature protection of and build local capacity to effective nature protection management.

Funding: US$ 248,623 provided by the Conservation International Foundation under the CEPF programme. The estimated total cost of implementation of project actions by the BSPB is US$ 120,499.6.

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