The BSPB is a nature conservation public benefit organization, registered  the Law for the Non-Profit Corporate Bodies (LNPCD).


The supreme body of the BSPB is the members’ General Assembly which convenes once a year. The details about the convention are announced on the BSPB web site one month prior to its date.


The General Assembly elects a Board of Directors which then appoints its Chairman. The mandate of every member of the Board of Directors is four years starting from the date of their election. The Board holds four regular sessions per year; their schedule is published on the web site of the BSPB in the beginning of every year. The Board adopts a set of working rules that regulate the internal organization and the working system of the Board of Directors; the rules are based on the LNPCD, the BSPB Statutes, the resolutions of the General Assembly and other internal acts of the organization.


The Board of Directors appoints a Chief Executive for the organization; in turn, the latter appoints employees of the organization.


Every year the BSPB also relies on volunteer support for its work.


The objectives, mission and vision of the BSPB, as well as the rights and obligations of the governing bodies of the BSPB are described in detail in the Statutes of the organization.


As a public benefit organization the BSPB:

  • Submits information on its activity for the preceding year to the Central Registry at the Ministry of Justice no later than 31st May.
  • Carries out independent financial audit in compliance with the national Accountancy Act