Bird Conservation

Activities aimed at the conservation of globally endangered species – six species in particular – have the highest priority for us. These six species either breed or spend the winter in Bulgaria in considerable numbers, or form large flocks during migration. These species are included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘endangered’: Red-breasted Goose, Egyptian Vulture, Saker Falcon, Imperial Eagle, White-headed Duck and Dalmatian Pelican.


Besides the globally endangered birds we also include here the two species of tortoises found in Bulgaria: the Hermann’s Tortoise and the Spur-thighed Tortoise – symbolic species for the BSPB due to our experience in their conservation.


Activities aimed at species categorized by the IUCN as ‘semi-threatened’ or ‘near threatened’ which breed or are permanent residents in Bulgaria have the second highest priority.


Next in line come the activities for the conservation of species which are endangered on the national level and are symbolic for the organization, such as: Griffon Vulture, White-tailed Eagle, Pygmy Cormorant, Bittern, Capercaillie, White Stork.