Exhibition hall

On the first day of Spring (22nd March 2014) the Bulgarian society for the protection of birds (BSPB) opened the new tourist season in the Nature conservation center Eastern Rodopes in the town of Madzharovo with new-look exhibition. It is a result of the financial support of the New Thracian gold project and the efforts of the BSPB most active volunteers.


Speaking of biodiversity, the east part of Rodopes mountain is one of the richest places in Europe with its 4329 animal species, 278 of which are bird species. This nature treasure is presented to the visitors by the new information plates, pictures, drawings and graffiti. The interactivity of the exhibition makes everybody feels as a part of the nature of this amazing Bulgarian region.

In the middle are the most popular wild inhabitants of the region – the vultures. The four vulture species that can be seen in Bulgaria are Egyptian vulture, Griffon vulture, Cinereous vulture and Bearded vulture.  Every of them has its own “identity card” with the most important information about its life. Egyptian vulture and Griffon vulture nest in the vicinity of town of Madzharovo. Cinereous vulture is just a guest from Greece. Bearded vulture is one of the rarest bird species in Bulgaria, so you must be very lucky to see it alive in the region. But you will surely see it in the exhibition of the center.

Continuing your “walk” through Eastern Rodopes you will learn many facts for the unique biodiversity in the region. The information is presented on a plate. Special drawings and text reveal how the wild nature is gradually recovering with the help of people. Authors of the incredible paintings in the hall of the Center are the graffiti artists from 140 ideas.


There are changes around Vulture center also. The dark room in the oak forest is repaired so in the darkness can be “heard” and “seen” some of the inhabitants of the valley of Arda river. From here you can observe and take pictures of warblers. There are special birds feeders for the goal. Around Vulture center there are special places, where you can observe the wild inhabitants of the region. The best places are the bridge above Arda river and the specially build cover.

The Center opened in 1998 and is being visited by more than 2000 Bulgarian and foreign tourists every year.