Wildlife and Nature Tourism

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Birdwatching, Wildlife photography, Tailor-made tours, Photo-hides


LivingNature is the brand of BSPB/BirdLife for wildlife and nature tourism in Bulgaria. So that no percentage but ALL of our income we use for conservation projects within BSPB/Birdlife Bulgaria. We have over twenty-five years of experience in organising birding and nature tours pioneering the development of this form of sustainable tourism in Bulgaria. Our mission is to support the conservation of biodiversity by generating funds for the various conservation projects and activities in Bulgaria. We try to support and promote the local economy in some of the richest wildlife areas in Bulgaria as incentive for local people to take an action for the protection of the birds and other wildlife in their local area.

All the tour leaders of LivingNature work at key projects within the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/Birdlife Bulgaria and are among the best recognized Bulgarian experts in natural history, ornithology, zoology, botany, wildlife photography


You are always welcome to visit our center in Madzarovo or send us your inquire to vulturecenter [@] bspb.org