We are tracking the life of 10 more Griffon vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes!

The information collected will be used for targeting conservation measures and actions for the protection of the species. Photo: Mitko Nedelchev

At the end of last week, ten more Griffon Vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes were equip with satellite transmitters. Of these, nine are set to adults and one transmitter to a younger bird.

During the action, the team "Protection of Black and Griffon Vultures in the Rhodopes" project marked 25 Griffon Vultures with colored rings and wing tags, with unique numbers. This will facilitate their faster and easier identification in nature. Also biological samples have been taken, which will be sent to specialized laboratories in Europe. This will allow the study of birds health. Satellite transmitters will be installed to 20 black vultures and even more Griffon vultures by the end of the project. 


On the map is movements of the three adult Griffon Vultures marked last year.