Rhodopes census records rare species


Waterfowl count on Bulgaria’s Arda River reveals some special visitors.    On the weekend of 14-15 January, more than 7,000 birds of 32 different species were recorded at the annual mid-winter waterfowl census on the Arda River in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. Experts and volunteers from Rewilding Rhodopes and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds observed some species that are rarely seen in the region. One such guest was the tundra swan. As their common name implies, the tundra swan breeds in the Arctic and sub-arctic tundra. As...

The number of griffon vultures roosting in Eastern Rhodopes continues to grow


The number of griffon vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes continues to grow, shows the annual census of griffon vultures on the Balkan Peninsula.  This year, 184 griffon vultures were counted along Arda River in Rhodope Mountains rewilding area, home of the largest colony of griffon vultures in Bulgaria. Last year there were 178 griffon vultures registered. This year number is the highest registered during the annual roost count  in the Eastern Rhodopes since 2005. Since 2005, there is  a roost count carried out on the Balkans. The traditional census...




First Antipoison Dog Unit starts patrolling in Rhodope Mountains


This summer,  Nikolay Terziev from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) spent nearly two months in Hungary where he was trained as dog handler for the first   Antipoison Dog Unit in Bulgaria . The main objective of the Unit is to create   poison-free areas by controll ing  and removing  po isoned baits before they can cause  damage . Nikolay and Bars, the trained dog, returned to Haskovo recently, where they will be based and soon start patrolling the feeding territories of the griffon and black vulture...