Who we are




The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds / BirdLife Bulgaria (BSPB) was established on June 3rd 1988 and is the first Nature Conservation non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the modern Bulgarian history after the democratic changes in the country. BSPB is the Bulgarian Partner of the BirdLife International.

BSPB works for the conservation of the wild birds, the important for them sites and habitats and through this for the wellfare of the people and sustainable use of the natural resources. It is national-wide organisation with six Regional offices, two Nature Conservation Centres (NCC) - Poda near Burgas and Eastern Rhodopes near Madzharovo, as well as with with a Field Station near Durankulak.

The basic activities at the BSPB Nature Conservarion Centre Poda can be groupped as follows:

• conservation – protection of the site and maintaining its conditions in best possible state for birds; control of the access to the site; providing artificial nesting sites for the endangered species, monitoring of the birds; management of the reedbeds, etc.;

• educational – in association with the Regional Office of the Ministry of Education at Burgas, The BSPB Poda Centre carries out various educational activities, provides opportunities for conservation studies for students, organises the National Ornithological Contests for children, edits various educational materials, and etc. NCC Poda is well known internship center for students from Germany, Netherlands, France and other countries;

• information – attraction of the general public of Burgas in the conservation of the protected area, providing infromation to the birdwatchers about the birds around Burgas and about Bulgaria as a whole, issuing different information materials and use of the contemporary communication media to enhance people in their contact with the wild birds and Nature;

• visitors and tourist services - organising and enhancing visits to the protected site and the other bird sites around Burgas and in Bulgaria; work with individual visitors and organised groups, of both general interest and specialised groups.