NCC Poda




The Nature Conservation Centre (NCC) Poda was created by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds / BirdLife Bulgaria (BSPB) in 1997 with the financial support of:


• Swiss Government;


• Swiss Association for Conservation of Birds / BirdLife Switzerland;


• Lanius Group (Switzerland);



• Henry Ford European Conservation Awards.


The Conservation Centre was established within the framework of a BSPB project of the Bulgarian-Swiss Biodiversity Conservation Programme. By this centre and by the created in paralel similar centre Eastern Rhodopes near Madzharovo BSPB introduced in Bulgaria the concept of the Nature Conservation Centres. Later this concept was repeated by other organisations and institutions. The BSPB idea was these centres to become focal points and generators of conservation activities for the entire regions around them. And indeed, the NCC Poda applies the cutting edge conservation approaches for the Poda Protected Site through direct conservation actions, educational, public awareness and information activities, but also by developing ecotourizm. In the same time it is organising and carrying out key activities for preservation of the rest of the wetlands around Burgas.

Since it was created, the BSPB NCC Poda has attracted over 200,000 visitors, for many of which it has been a real gate to the wonderful world of the birds. The centre is a focal point for conservation education and it is visited by over 4,000 school students annually, it is the place where the BSPB organised National Student Bird Competition, takes place every year.

Main activities of the BSPB Poda Centre include:

• preservation of Poda Protected Site and the protected areas around Burgas;
• improving the breeding, feeding and staging conditions of the birds in the area;
• monitoring of the birds of Poda and the rest of the Burgas Wetlands Complex;
• preventing and halting unfavourable for birds human activities;
• providing information and facilitating the visitors in observing birds and the natural vallues of Burgas region;
• development of the ecotourism as a mean for sustainable Nature conservation;
• educational activities aiming in increase the conservation culture of the youth;
• training and courses in ecology, biodiversity conservation and ecotourism with university students, including internship;
• attracting people from Burgas to participate in the conservation activities of the Nature Conservation Centre Poda;
• participation in local, national and international projects of BSPB;
• organising and hosting workshops, lectures, presentations and other in the hall of the centre. 


 The BSPB Nature Conservation Centre Poda offers to its visitors:


                                                                                    IMG_4591-small.jpg• permanent interactive excibition, presenting the biodiversity of Poda and the rest of the Burgas Wetlands Complex;
• office and lecture hall with additional excibition area;
• bird library; 
• small shop for books, souvenirs, bird conservation items,  coffee, refreshments;
• binoculars and telescopes on disposal to every visitor to watch birds from the terraces of the centre;
• birdwatching and photographic hides;
• large terraces providing opportunities to the visitors to enjoy directly the amasing bird variety of the site - the best advantage of the Conservation centre!