Interesting observations





Poda Protected Site is one of the few places in Europe where more than 290 bird species have been recorded on such small a territory. The investigations during the last years showed that the site is used by some new interesting species.

rare03.jpgDuring the recent years Poda was visited several timnes by one to twelve  Greater Famingo, which attracted bird lovers from all over the country.

The Western Reef Heron was recorded at Poda for the first time in Bulgaria. The Cattle Egret could be found in the surroundings almost every year.

During the winter months togrther with the numerous flocks of Eurasian Coots, Tufted Ducks and Common Pochards, single individuals or small groups of some rare for Bulgaria species can be seen. Amongst them are the Common Eider, Velvet Scoter, Common Scoter, Long-tailed Duck and White-headed Duck. In cold wheatear, when the rest of the Burgas Wetlands freeze, often the birds find appropriate conditions in the adjacent to Poda Foros Bay, and it is possible to see there some rare winter visitors.