Migrating birds

 © Богдан Боев Речен дъжсосвирец (4)small.jpg

One of the main migration routes, known as the Via Pontica, passes over Burgas and Poda Protected Site.

Even from the terraces of the Conservation Centre flocks of up to 32,000 White Storks, hundreds of Great White and Dalmatian Pelicans, Common and Honney Buzzards, Lesser Spotted Eagles, Levan Sparrowhawks, Red-footed Falcons and other interesting European raptors could be observed.

During migration Poda sh©Богдан Боев_Къдроглав пеликан (5)small.jpgelters almost all European species of waders. The shallow water basins provide them with food and suitable places for rest during migration.

The best periods for obseving migrating birds are:

• spring migration – from the beginning of March to the middle of May;

• autumn migration – from the middle of August to the end of October.