Greater Flamingo over the BSPB Reserve Poda near Burgas

Arrival, photo: Petar Iankov

Twelve adult Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) appeared on 15.05.2015 over the BSPB Reserve Poda near Burgas. The flock passed over the entire northern part of the site and started soaring over the Foros Bay. From time to time birds were flying lower, as trying to find a place to land. Eventually they took direction north over the Burgas Bay towards Atanasovsko Lake. As it is well known, the Salinas there provide very suitable conditions for these birds.
The Greater Flamingo is a rare and irregular vagrant to Bulgaria. Most of the records consist of single or 6-10 birds. In two cases bigger flocks have been observed. Since the beginning of 2013 three to five Greater Flamingoes have been present in the area of Burgas Wetlands, including at Poda Reserve. They created huge interest amongst both birders and ordinary people. With the new ‘reinforcement' now the Greater Flamingos reach top numbers and will for sure be a great attraction to the Burgas citizens and to the visitors of the city.
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The flock, Photo: Julia Kestler
Flamingoes, photo: Petar Iankov
Flamingoes, photo: Petar Iankov
The flock, photo: Petar Iankov